Back Again

Honestly, it was more exciting last year. First, the fresher’s year is fun, due to all the changes in your life. The second year becomes slightly less exciting, but at least it’s your first time knowing your way around campus. Thus, the second year goes seeing (or laughing at and helping) the “new freshers” trying to find their footing.
After that, it just passes. It doesn’t matter. After that, you’re only interested in how to get by your own college years, before they are over, in the blink of an eye and the work load increases.

The Day after the Wrong Choice

After yesterday’s back-to-work-again party, it feels like it’s going to be a tough day.

Turns out, everything can be sorted. Sometimes, you have to let time deal with it, and other times, you just have to ask for help.

Point is, if you wake up one morning with bad vibes, don’t let it make your day. The ending, even if there’s chaos, has a beautiful sunset.

The Lion King (In CGI) Review

Okay, this is going to be quite in depth for a simple animation movie, oh sorry, CGI movie, but, I have my reasons.
My father and I used to watch this on repeat when I was a kid. It was the one movie Alaina and I never got bored of. We’d always be watching it.
So, this movie holds very dear childhood memories.

But I’ve still decided to go for the original animation pictures…

Being Dark and Pathetic

My best friend and flatmate is being a butt pain. I think I’m a butt pain for him as well. Stuck between the two of us, is my other flatmate, Owlie.
What are we to do when we’re so engrossed in our own lives that we forget about helping each other out? We forget what this old friendship means to us? Two minutes away from jumping, teeth barring, at each other, still sleeping in the same room…

Summer Plans

It makes me feel like I’m swaying in the whole process before I got selected in a college.
Does anyone remember the time, in the last few months of high school, with the college applications and interviews and that fear of just getting through into the next stage of life? Of course, getting over with school was a huge relief, I was looking forward to college! If I got selected, that is… heh!
Now, after two years, I makes me feel like I’m still looking around. I’m still seeing what else I can do? I’m interested in so much more!

Inky Pages

I think my sister is a very smart person. I wouldn’t ever admit it to her face, but yes, in the twin game, she got the brains.
I have a reason for it too, obviously. The other day, I was trying hard to sleep. I had been staying up late almost every other night either due to my exams or the fact that I watch too much anime.
So, this particular day, I decided to sleep at 7pm. I was back home with my mum and I had a bed. Why wouldn’t I use such a warm place in winters?


‘You’re not a nice person, you know?’

He laughed. Yeah, I know. Behind him, inside the house, they both could hear people chanting.

‘So let me come inside and meet the nice people, please? I can’t have this day tainted with your face.’

He was still smiling. Niko had no intention to let this guy pass, ‘Come on, what’re you here for?’

‘To see happy people,’ Ryo replied, ‘I really need some inspiration.’

‘Your work isn’t inspiration enough? I thought you lived for it.’

Ryo smirked at him, ‘Ma sent sweets and since I’m home this week, I’m here for the delivery.


Year 1856

‘You’ve got to come,’ Bigo had stated in his mail, ‘my business may as well be turned to dust without your help.’

Pasteur was not in a happy mood. He would have to travel all the way to France in the middle of his research.

Not that anyone would mind, since they already thought him a fool for this theories.

But he knew he was right.

Write ups

He stood for a while on the doorway. Just leaning on the door, his arms folded, waiting patiently.

Inside, the wolf spirit sat on his desk, his side facing the fox. His fingers seemed to be frozen over the keyboard, his eyes staring into the screen as the minutes ticked by.

In short, it seemed like the wolf was in a world of his own.

So this is what it feels like to write.