Oops, My Bad. Part 2

New pet projects… oops. Part 2.
smirk, satisfied with my bravery.
They weren’t there then, what’s the point now?
I did it then, I’m stronger now.
My smirk soon transforms into a smile.
There was a time I held onto that belief.
Singing songs of myself, does not ease the pain.

My Time Off Social Media (Conclusion)

Hehe, so my “tomorrow” equals not 24hours, but 72hours. Sorry.
Had continuous practical exams. Microbiology with an elective of Computer Science is really a back breaking combination.
When you have a shitload of things to do, suddenly, going online means you don’t have to get on with it- yet.
Ain’t that great?

My Time Off Social Media

Arghf, I would like to say that I’m not addicted to my phone. That if I’m bored in the metro, I’d probably listen to songs and sleep (provided I get a seat, which, if you’re an Indian college student in the metro, is not very often).

But I’d be lying to you.
I may be on the better end of the spectrum, but I was on it.

I don’t post very frequently, I don’t have lots of Stories or Status to share, but it does provide a good pass time.

A New Day

There are times when things just happen. When you just move, not being in control and not knowing how you can change being in that state.
And it feels pathetic.
It becomes one problem after the next till a time comes when you don’t understand where it originally started from and you’re stuck feeling not okay.
Know what you want. What you originally wanted. What you’re doing to your surroundings and in turn, how your surrounding is reacting.

Steps to Mess up Your Practical Examination

There’s supposed to be a garden somewhere between Rudesheim and Assmanshausen in Germany, close to the River Rhine. The Prince who built the garden, with it’s planning and everything, built a long dark tunnel from the entrance, where the horses and carriages stood, to the actual entrance of the garden.
So dark that it was difficult to see anything as the walls curve and twist, but in the center, there stood a wizard, pointing to the right direction ahead and a brick which shifts in the ceiling to allow some light to pass into the tunnel, before the dark tunnel would once again envelope them.

Quitting Work

It’s the way this family handles the problems. Aranya is a go-getter and she hates being held by the collar. I was expecting her to quit, but I had also expected it to be very sudden and over.
But she thought quite a lot about it. Even aunty, who gave the suggestions must’ve figured out the story but she didn’t say or ask anything. She gave her suggestions and ended the conversation.
She wanted Aranya to make the decision for herself and think.


Guess what? It’s our birthday today (twins), which is why, since I’m the birthday girl, I get to say whatever I want.

Interestingly, this time, we both didn’t want to celebrate. So, he’s in a University where his exams are starting by the end of April and I’m in a university where my exams are done. So, I’m chilling and he’s going to college each weekday, cribbing about how if the syllabus is finished, they should just give them their preparatory leave already.

Writes and Rants

Have you ever had a moment, with your significant other, where you’re just like, “Babe, I love you but please, go to sleep now. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”
And this is not one of those moments when you’ve had a fight. This is a general, you come home, rest a bit, look at your phone but you just don’t want to talk.

Cooking Hobbies

‘Hey!’ he smiled, getting up, ‘welcome back!’
She smiled at him, walking into the kitchen, just to see the other idiot in a black apron. Expecting the worst, she looked around the kitchen, finding herself more and more surprised in this household. Two college boys, sharing an apartment, one of them cooking with the kitchen looking so neat and clean. She’d just shifted in this month and everyday was becoming interesting.