January 1, 2020

Hi everyone.
New Year. Same Me.

Just as the clock’s hour hand strikes 12, at midnight, it’s still me. With all my potential and a good dose of inhibitions. With all those same characteristics and personality traits that I had the day before.
So, those four lines in the start mean little to me- unless I actually make an effort.

Christmas with the Family

I arrived home to find two of my cousins already present. In total, that meant one couple (my mum’s generation), my maternal grandparents, my mum, sister and two brothers.
Later that evening, two more cousins’ and uncles arrived, with their grandparents. We had an eventful evening, with lots of laughs and sweet dishes and pats on the back. The conversation was light and involved a little teasing.
My cousins and I sat together, listening to our parents and grandparents. Later that evening, Christmas eve, we decided to go to our rooms on the first floor and catch up.


Guess what? It’s our birthday today (twins), which is why, since I’m the birthday girl, I get to say whatever I want.

Interestingly, this time, we both didn’t want to celebrate. So, he’s in a University where his exams are starting by the end of April and I’m in a university where my exams are done. So, I’m chilling and he’s going to college each weekday, cribbing about how if the syllabus is finished, they should just give them their preparatory leave already.

Writes and Rants

Have you ever had a moment, with your significant other, where you’re just like, “Babe, I love you but please, go to sleep now. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”
And this is not one of those moments when you’ve had a fight. This is a general, you come home, rest a bit, look at your phone but you just don’t want to talk.

My Parents’ Divorce

I don’t usually talk about this topic, whether in person or on the blog space.

Mostly because, in almost all cases, the reaction is the same. And it’s a reaction which I don’t like.


I am nineteen years old. I’m in my second year of college. I have a sister and an amazing mum, apart from a massive family of crazy bear huggers.

Three Days before 2019

It’s the holidays after the semester’s ended. We’ve got almost half a month to waste idly at home. Well, not too idly, since my mum keeps both me and my sister very busy.

So Ryland, the flatmate, and I decide to send pictures of the dumbest, most hilarious things in our everyday life.

Inky Pages

I think my sister is a very smart person. I wouldn’t ever admit it to her face, but yes, in the twin game, she got the brains.
I have a reason for it too, obviously. The other day, I was trying hard to sleep. I had been staying up late almost every other night either due to my exams or the fact that I watch too much anime.
So, this particular day, I decided to sleep at 7pm. I was back home with my mum and I had a bed. Why wouldn’t I use such a warm place in winters?