First Week

I have just seen my 5 day old, rotting fruit and bread.
I sure as hell don’t want rotting food in my bag.
Now, of course, somewhere, it also fills me with relief. Not as a normal human being, foodie, but as a biologist.

Scientist Drama

I hope someone builds up a functional time machine.
My physics is poor, but biology is no less.
Ever since maths got more alphabets than numbers,
And biology’s got a lot to do with chemistry and energy.
I hope someone builds up a functional time machine.
So I go tell Mendel that he needs to man up,

My Time Off Social Media

Arghf, I would like to say that I’m not addicted to my phone. That if I’m bored in the metro, I’d probably listen to songs and sleep (provided I get a seat, which, if you’re an Indian college student in the metro, is not very often).

But I’d be lying to you.
I may be on the better end of the spectrum, but I was on it.

I don’t post very frequently, I don’t have lots of Stories or Status to share, but it does provide a good pass time.

The Lion King (In CGI) Review

Okay, this is going to be quite in depth for a simple animation movie, oh sorry, CGI movie, but, I have my reasons.
My father and I used to watch this on repeat when I was a kid. It was the one movie Alaina and I never got bored of. We’d always be watching it.
So, this movie holds very dear childhood memories.

But I’ve still decided to go for the original animation pictures…

Caffeine Highs and Food Lows

I started taking coffee in high school. Where I come from, medicine is an undergraduate course and a lot of people take extra classes for it. To manage a day where you have to get up and attend school, then have lunch and run for your four hour long extra classes four days a week, then come home, have dinner and indulge in some self study, you need something to keep you going.

In my case, it was coffee. It was difficult. And to be very honest, unnecessary. I believe, now, if you really want to study for the medical entrance exams, please indulge more in self study and paper solving than in those extra classes.

Typical Feline

By the way, she was definitely utilizing the “four day holiday” with a good start on her studies.
I waved at her, closing the door behind me. Elena walked over to give me a hug- but not before Valerie spotted us, a distasteful look on her face.
Valerie, or Riri, as we call her at home, is the cat who has adopted us.
She’s been with us for half a year now, the missing piece in our crazy lives.

Three Days before 2019

It’s the holidays after the semester’s ended. We’ve got almost half a month to waste idly at home. Well, not too idly, since my mum keeps both me and my sister very busy.

So Ryland, the flatmate, and I decide to send pictures of the dumbest, most hilarious things in our everyday life.