Talk. Don't talk.

‘You know,’ he came and stood next to me, ‘I’d rather you give me the micropipette if you’re only planning on delaying this.’
It was one of the lab classes and it felt like I was being incubated at 38 degrees (Celsius scale) in full sleeved white lab coats rather than the damn microbes in the incubators.
I breathed out, keeping the pipette aside and throwing my gloves, shoving my fingers through my hair. ‘Someone’s eager to go home today.’

Christmas with the Family

I arrived home to find two of my cousins already present. In total, that meant one couple (my mum’s generation), my maternal grandparents, my mum, sister and two brothers.
Later that evening, two more cousins’ and uncles arrived, with their grandparents. We had an eventful evening, with lots of laughs and sweet dishes and pats on the back. The conversation was light and involved a little teasing.
My cousins and I sat together, listening to our parents and grandparents. Later that evening, Christmas eve, we decided to go to our rooms on the first floor and catch up.

Why I Draw a line at Politics.

We love to talk about everything wrong in the country, in the government. I can’t deny Bengalis are quick witted. They have a weird sense of humor. In fact, most even understand dark humor.

As compared to my other half, if I am present at a gathering, almost all the senior citizens are well educated and have a good sense of humor (or maybe they just get my humor?). And can you call it a gathering if the “next generation” isn’t given some good advice?

The Day after the Wrong Choice

After yesterday’s back-to-work-again party, it feels like it’s going to be a tough day.

Turns out, everything can be sorted. Sometimes, you have to let time deal with it, and other times, you just have to ask for help.

Point is, if you wake up one morning with bad vibes, don’t let it make your day. The ending, even if there’s chaos, has a beautiful sunset.

Being Dark and Pathetic

My best friend and flatmate is being a butt pain. I think I’m a butt pain for him as well. Stuck between the two of us, is my other flatmate, Owlie.
What are we to do when we’re so engrossed in our own lives that we forget about helping each other out? We forget what this old friendship means to us? Two minutes away from jumping, teeth barring, at each other, still sleeping in the same room…

Fears set In

Ah, I thought I was done with the heavy topics. I really did try to come up with something light for a change.
But I never quite got onto it. So, I apologize in advance.
My past two weeks have gone by with either sleepless nights or complete bed rest days. No, I’m not sick. I’ve just had twelve hour naps.

Love you, maa.

‘Okay, maa.’


‘Yes, I’ll do that.’

Wolfie scratched the back of his neck, forcing himself to not sigh on the phone and pay attention, or at least, act like it.

‘Okay, yeah. You’re right.’

‘mmhmm,’ he said for the nth time, looking out of the window with a kind expression on his face, ‘okay then, I’ll call tomorrow. Have a nice day.’

Owl girl

Wolfie was almost enjoying himself. He’d been standing, upturned, on his hands for almost two minutes when she’d walked in.

‘What novel have you been reading recently?’ he asked her politely, trying to change the topic into something that might interest her.

‘Can’t seem to since you borrow all the good ones just as they come in the library!’


He never really liked small talk. After all, how many topics can a person be interested in? And what if the other person is not as interested as he was in the same topic?

That’s why, after saying hello, a general greeting to all he knew, smiling he went to a free bench and sat down. There have been too many people these past few days- it even gets difficult weaving his way through the corridors. 

Frankly, it became annoying after a point- not enough time to run down and eat something before class, not enough time to get to class or get out of class.