Scientist Drama

I hope one day someone builds up a functional time machine.

I’d like to tell Pasteur to go live in an anoxic environment and replicate like E. coli since I’m done with all these fermenting pathways and he needs to stop and leave some contributions for other scientists.
Although, wine is great. Beer is great too.
I’d like to tell Franklin that she needs to stop with the radioactivity if she wants to be alive to receive her Nobel Prize.
Honestly, why should the boys have all the fun (Watson, Crick and Wilkins)?

Why did Winogradsky have to build a column?
Now I have to study all those damn microbes, just cause they can produce organic matter from all the inorganic materials. I get they’re doing a great job with the mineral cycles in nature, even if it’s not really an effective method.

But then, they got no competition, so what’s their rush?

I understood when Hill said plants could perform photosynthesis with light but what’s this with more pigments than just chlorophyll? van Niel took another shot!

I hope someone builds up a functional time machine.
So I go tell Mendel that he needs to man up, if he wants to lead the inheritance discoveries to the global level in his life time and not leave it all to Darwin and his laws of Natural Selection.

Okay, yes, thank you for Penicillin, Alexander Fleming. Great job, but now we’ve got allergic reactions. Oops, sorry.
But don’t us scientists seem to be saying that a lot when it comes to antibiotics? Waksman got streptomycin for tuberculosis and now we’ve got multiple drug resistance everywhere.

How can I forget my buddy, H Khorana? The man basically made history in molecular biology with the genetic code.
What would we do without Delbruck, Baltimore and Tenin discovering viruses and tumors?
Of course, we’d be sitting without vaccines, with only our body’s interferons to help us (not that they work with tumors).
Thank you, Edward Jenner and Lindenmann and Isaacs, great job to telling me about my own body!

I hope someone builds up a functional time machine.
For most of all, trying to meet these people and ask them where they got the idea, or the inspiration. Between the huge amount of papers and hypothesis and speculations, where did it click?
What went wrong?
What went right?

I hope someone builds up a functional time machine.
My physics is poor, but biology is no less.
Ever since maths got more alphabets than numbers,
And biology’s got a lot to do with chemistry and energy.


I apologize for this (really boring) poem. I wanted to rant, since I’m in the middle of my examinations and there are lot of discoveries around.

Best of luck to everyone!

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