Cat Update.

What does one do if they can’t study the night of the exam?

They listen to music, read some good manga (or watch something fun) and just go to sleep (or not).

Honestly, I’ve seen too many memes all over to notice I’m not the only idiot who isn’t studying. It’s really sad. Second last year of college, three semesters more (after these exams, that is) and I’ve really lost it.

Notice how I’m already imagining that I’m done with this semester?

Technically, I am- done with the practical examinations.

There is a need for more hours in a day.

Can we please shift to another planet, just so that the days are longer? I’m getting no time to include sleep.

You know what the worst part is?
I’d finally decide to call it a night and get into bed- and then 5 minutes down, I’d get an idea about another thing I could have looked up for my project proposal.

I’d just have to get up and pin it down- just so that I’d get up early the next day and look it up online.

Most days, I notice Valerie (my cat) always sitting close by. I don’t know what fascinates her to stare at me for so long but after I give her a few looks from my side of the room, she just bounces up to my bed and curls up. It’s ridiculous actually.
It’s one of the reasons why I decided to take out 15 minutes per day and just stare right back at her and not do anything.

But then, she got really conscious of it. So, I ended up talking about my day to my cat for fifteen minutes, while she curled up on my blanket.

Occasionally, she creeps me out.
Once, at around 1am, Valerie decided to jump up on my lap while I was revising my assignment.

It absolutely freaked me out. I almost yelped- heart hammering in my chest as my cat looked up at me innocently.

Silly grey- eyed cat.

I might have found her malnourished and whatnot, but the girl grew up to be a real companion. The good things about keeping a cat is- they are independent. Valerie has lately really warmed up to being inside the house. She doesn’t go out for a long time and is usually present if any one is in the apartment.

Frankly, I’ve grown up in a dog household. I’ve always been around dogs, so to keep a cat, for the first time, has been quite an experience.
They have that- love/hate type relationship. If you run after her, she’ll run further away, but dare not look at her?
She’ll give you such a tantrum for not giving her importance.

Which is what has been happening lately.

Valerie has been seeking attention. It’s very simple to know your cat wants attention- they make it a point to make their presence known. They’ll unfold and crumple up you blanket/ sheets. They won’t eat properly and stop eating if you don’t stand in front of them.
And, something very simple- they’d not let you do anything else.

You’re sitting on your computer?
Hell, she’ll sit on the keyboard.

You reading a book?
Not possible. Your hands are occupied by petting her, are they not?

So, eventually, just talking to her for fifteen minutes, petting her or staring right back at her seemed like a good idea. It gives me a sort of mental boost too.

So, the other day, she smelled dog on me.

I usually don’t mind petting the few stray dogs we have on the college campus (yes, there are strays roaming around our college). A friend of mine usually gets food especially to feed these stray dogs. That day, I joined her as there were too many strays and she might have got in the way of some dogs fighting over the food.

So, obviously, I smelled of dogs (to Valerie, at least).

And she rubbed all over my clothes. I literally have cat fur all over my grey sweatshirt and black jeans! This was after she gave me a nasty look- total distrust (or was it disgust?)

Do share your cat experiences, since this is my first cat (although I’ve kept her for a year and a half now), but I’d really like to know what other cats do!


  1. I was not really much into animals until my brother got a cat. He would get bored at night, because everyone was sleeping. He had learnt that I woke up first and I woke up to an alarm clock. So, he started running and jumping on my head when my alarm went off, with the excitement that one human was up. It freaked me out initially, but then became the cutest thing in the world.

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