My Time Off Social Media (Conclusion)

Hehe, so my “tomorrow” equals not 24hours, but 72hours. Sorry.
Had continuous practical exams. Microbiology with an elective of Computer Science is a really back-breaking combination.

Any how, from the last post, where in I wrote about the said experience, a few things were left out.



I can say now, that I enjoy my time online.

I’m sorry, let me complete that sentence, I can say that I enjoy my time online- doing absolutely nothing.

It’s that last part- the fact that you have absolutely nothing to worry about and you don’t need to do anything. The fact that you don’t need to apply your brains at all.

That’s why it’s so damn addicting.

When you have a shitload of things to do, suddenly, going online means you don’t have to get on with it- yet.
Ain’t that great?

Which is why, the day I got back, I spent two hours straight on it.
Now you must be thinking… Wow, Aidan, how hypocritical. Wasting all that time, the minute you install all the apps on your phone.

And you’re right. Two hours later, Owlie came into my room, congratulating my return to the “World of the living” and asking me if I wanted dinner ’cause she and Ryland were going to walk down to the store.

Come on, I was replying to messages and then when I finally got down to seeing the posts on the feed, people came online and then texted back and started a conversation, which eventually came up to two hours.

Sorry, those are excuses.

Eventually, I came back online. That’s the point.

But, here’s the thing- when I woke up the next day, I got ready, and I read the morning news instead of binging through Instagram.

That’s a very big plus point in my book. I didn’t feel like sitting on Insta. My fingers, almost in auto-mode, clicked the News App icon.

Yes, later, before class started that day, I had replied to some of the notifications that I had pending, but I didn’t sit and scroll like before. In fact, someone in class mentioned “Instagram Stories” and that’s when I realized that I had not checked that at all.

What the hell?

So, what’s the situation with my studies?

I’ve gone back to applying my previous rule- to keep my phone silent and at the other end of the room. Technically, the other end of my room means, under my pillow. That usually seems to do the trick.
After all, who will get up, just to check a phone which doesn’t even vibrate?

And if it’s too distracting and I just can’t seem to focus on my studies (which includes songs playing like background music in my brain), I just shift with my books to the living room. Now, the phone is all the way in my room, in silent mode, under my pillow.

Out of sight?
Out of mind for at least three hours… or at least, till I don’t finish the required chapters.

Can I focus better without thinking about the various non existent people missing me?

I guess, my answer is yes.

I really don’t mind my phone being out of reach for some time. It’s okay. I’m cool. I wear a watch, so I can check the time, all I want.

And another thing is- don’t try Googling anything during that time.

I’m sorry if it sounds tiresome, but take a piece of paper during your study time and write down any queries. Later, after you’ve settled in for the designated time, you can Google all you want. That’s because you and I know it, Googling something on your phone doesn’t just involve Google. It involves texting your friends and asking them, waiting for their replies and eventually losing focus on other things.

Actually, I think once I’ve set my mind to it, I can manage my studies.
The key word being- set my mind to it.

Once I’m into my studies. It’s like I just have to finish it. Otherwise I’d feel guilty for not being able to do it all in time.

So, if I can focus better and say “No”, for at least some time?
I think I’d give it a 9/10.

That’s purely because the last 1/10 depends on my own brain cells to really start working, and, I’m leaving that to chance.

Final Thoughts

Yeah, I’m obviously portraying this in a positive light.
I did not do this entire thing just to say “Boo, it was such a stupid idea!”.

No, but seriously. I’m glad I took time off. I was running.

And then I finally decided to stop running and take a nap. That’s exactly what I did in my free time, instead of wasting it, I slept off.
Which, felt awesome.

You only realize how precious sleep is when you’re tied down and have no other option but to compensate the lack of number of hours in a day with sleep time.

I used to be dependent of social media and it made me feel, how can I say this? Somewhat lacking.
I guess, that can be a side effect of my brain cells not getting enough exercise which the amount of time I was wasting.

It makes you so lazy that you want to do more, but you’re not. Hence, the feeling of… lacking something.

I don’t plan on spending as much time on it. At least, now I know where I’m going and I can correct myself in time.

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