The Conformist

I wanted everyone to like me. I wanted to make friends fast.
In middle school and high school, this task becomes even more difficult, because most people were already in groups. You can’t barge into groups because that would ruin their relations and the general hierarchy.
You must be thinking that I’m overthinking.
Trust me, I’m not.

Online Classes

I understand some of our professors have bad technological senses, but does that stop us from making their lives even more difficult?
We humbly refuse co-operation. We make it more difficult. We play around with our classes and professors.
I don’t think they’re enjoying this either.

India deals with a Pandemic

Frankly, we don’t.
It’s sad to note that we don’t even consider the pandemic a “big deal.”
India is a vast country. We are a diverse, with many cultures and ideologies. Not everyone follows the same thing from North to South to East to West to even each of the 29 states or regions between the states.

COVID-19 and Me

I miss my cat.
I miss my time with my friends in Delhi, my roommates- Ryland and Owlie.
I miss spending time with my girlfriend.
The best medicine for a viral infection which affects your upper respiratory tract is the sun. Living in a country close to the equator, it’s a blessing.

Indian Proverbs

for some reason, I Googled Indian proverbs. It’s funny how different it sounds or feels in English and the way I hear it being used in my household. I enjoyed going through it. It reminded me of some good old memories.

It’s a weird feeling, to feel motivated from your own memories.

Talks with Meredith

I had a consultation with Meredith almost a month back. That was after another whole month of thinking about it. I had Googled her. She looked like a sweet lady, mid 40s, someone who wouldn’t judge, someone in front of whom I don’t have to worry about my image.
She was already with a patient when I arrived and I remember trying to breathe in the waiting area and convincing myself it’s alright to just go for the consultation and get it over with. If I had applied for a slot in her busy schedule, I should at least walk into her room or office or whatever.