Shoulder stand- Gone Wrong

Elena decided to try a head stand.
Now normally, when you begin practicing a head stand, you try it against a wall. Almost everyone who doesn’t know how to do a head stand also knows this.
But would this girl use her brain? No.
I’ve seen Elena do a shoulder stand before. She’s really good at yoga, not that the shoulder stand has anything to do with the head stand, but still. Just saying.


Back to the Flat

Our flat has two rooms, a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. A year ago, the landlord increased the rental and that’s how we ended up inviting another person to live with us. I moved into Ryland’s room, since that was the bigger room which could fit two separate single beds easily among other things.
Little did we know, we didn’t know how to live.

Three Days before 2019

It’s the holidays after the semester’s ended. We’ve got almost half a month to waste idly at home. Well, not too idly, since my mum keeps both me and my sister very busy.

So Ryland, the flatmate, and I decide to send pictures of the dumbest, most hilarious things in our everyday life.

Ms. Someone

‘Don’t you think my hands are too dry?’
I looked up from the book I was reading and tried to figure out how to reply, observing one of the most loving hands I’ve ever seen. Elena was lazily sitting on the sofa, reading her own book as I sat on the carpet,using the sofa as a backrest.
After almost a year, she asks me this. I felt like laughing, a silly smile playing on my face as I continued…

Mr. Black Pup

Sitting on the living room floor was an idiot with disheveled hair, sitting with a carton in front of him. The girl had her hands in front of her as she squatted to look closer at the contents of the carton.
Ryland had brought home a black pup.
‘He’s been sleeping since this morning,’ Ryland says.
I had walked over from the dining table and looked in, then sat on the floor and took the pup on my lap. He didn’t yelp or make any movement apart from opening his eyes and looking at me.

Girl and the Biker

Owlie was sitting on the chair, the table in front of her cluttered with cotton, an antiseptic bottle, a cream, among her other things. Her shirt sleeve had been rolled up so I could see her small arm and she had changed into shorts. I think she felt a little embarrassed.
‘Well, I was crossing the road and this really sexy BMW was coming, but it was really far away, and anyways, it was a red light. Green for us,’ her hand spiraled everywhere…

Inky Pages

I think my sister is a very smart person. I wouldn’t ever admit it to her face, but yes, in the twin game, she got the brains.
I have a reason for it too, obviously. The other day, I was trying hard to sleep. I had been staying up late almost every other night either due to my exams or the fact that I watch too much anime.
So, this particular day, I decided to sleep at 7pm. I was back home with my mum and I had a bed. Why wouldn’t I use such a warm place in winters?

Cooking Hobbies

‘Hey!’ he smiled, getting up, ‘welcome back!’
She smiled at him, walking into the kitchen, just to see the other idiot in a black apron. Expecting the worst, she looked around the kitchen, finding herself more and more surprised in this household. Two college boys, sharing an apartment, one of them cooking with the kitchen looking so neat and clean. She’d just shifted in this month and everyday was becoming interesting.


Technically, it’s not their fault. They’re being nice and polite. But it scares me when something happens to these people. When something happens to people who love you, people you want in your life, people you want to care for just because they’ve always been there for you, it’s scary.
When my mother called me up one day, telling me that that my grandfather wasn’t doing well, I didn’t think much of it.