Talk. Don't talk.

‘You know,’ he came and stood next to me, ‘I’d rather you give me the micropipette if you’re only planning on delaying this.’
It was one of the lab classes and it felt like I was being incubated at 38 degrees (Celsius scale) in full sleeved white lab coats rather than the damn microbes in the incubators.
I breathed out, keeping the pipette aside and throwing my gloves, shoving my fingers through my hair. ‘Someone’s eager to go home today.’

First Week

I have just seen my 5 day old, rotting fruit and bread.
I sure as hell don’t want rotting food in my bag.
Now, of course, somewhere, it also fills me with relief. Not as a normal human being, foodie, but as a biologist.

Oops, My Bad. Part 2

New pet projects… oops. Part 2.
smirk, satisfied with my bravery.
They weren’t there then, what’s the point now?
I did it then, I’m stronger now.
My smirk soon transforms into a smile.
There was a time I held onto that belief.
Singing songs of myself, does not ease the pain.

Oops, My Bad. Part 1

New Pet Projects… Oops.
Meeting you after four years was awkward.
I knew you were always the quiet kind. The kind that observes but doesn’t comment.
Your laughter would come out of no where, a sound filling my ears, infectious, making me smile for hours.

January 1, 2020

Hi everyone.
New Year. Same Me.

Just as the clock’s hour hand strikes 12, at midnight, it’s still me. With all my potential and a good dose of inhibitions. With all those same characteristics and personality traits that I had the day before.
So, those four lines in the start mean little to me- unless I actually make an effort.

Christmas with the Family

I arrived home to find two of my cousins already present. In total, that meant one couple (my mum’s generation), my maternal grandparents, my mum, sister and two brothers.
Later that evening, two more cousins’ and uncles arrived, with their grandparents. We had an eventful evening, with lots of laughs and sweet dishes and pats on the back. The conversation was light and involved a little teasing.
My cousins and I sat together, listening to our parents and grandparents. Later that evening, Christmas eve, we decided to go to our rooms on the first floor and catch up.


I was sure I had heard something.
It was not Ryland and it couldn’t be Owlie since she slept in during her holidays.
My cat continued her self-spa treatment, moving on to clean her sides.

Two minutes later, a guy almost as tall as me walked out of the room beside mine. He had a black jacket on and pulled out a chair from the dining table, sat down, and began tying his shoes.

Why I Draw a line at Politics.

We love to talk about everything wrong in the country, in the government. I can’t deny Bengalis are quick witted. They have a weird sense of humor. In fact, most even understand dark humor.

As compared to my other half, if I am present at a gathering, almost all the senior citizens are well educated and have a good sense of humor (or maybe they just get my humor?). And can you call it a gathering if the “next generation” isn’t given some good advice?

Scientist Drama

I hope someone builds up a functional time machine.
My physics is poor, but biology is no less.
Ever since maths got more alphabets than numbers,
And biology’s got a lot to do with chemistry and energy.
I hope someone builds up a functional time machine.
So I go tell Mendel that he needs to man up,

Cat Update.

What does one do if they can’t study the night of the exam?

They listen to music, read some good manga (or watch something fun) and just go to sleep (or not).

Honestly, I’ve seen too many memes all over to notice I’m not the only idiot who isn’t studying. It’s really sad. Second last year of college, three semesters more (after these exams, that is) and I’ve really lost it.