‘You’re not a nice person, you know?’

He laughed. Yeah, I know. Behind him, inside the house, they both could hear people chanting.

‘So let me come inside and meet the nice people, please? I can’t have this day tainted with your face.’

He was still smiling. Niko had no intention to let this guy pass, ‘Come on, what’re you here for?’

‘To see happy people,’ Ryo replied, ‘I really need some inspiration.’

‘Your work isn’t inspiration enough? I thought you lived for it.’

Ryo smirked at him, ‘Ma sent sweets and since I’m home this week, I’m here for the delivery.


Metro Rides

I laugh, ‘Well, enjoy the view. You’re never getting anything more than that anyways.’

Her eyes widen and she laughs, ‘geez, your confidence is shining! Plus,’ she points a finger at me, ‘I’m just selfish. I don’t have time to spare.’

I raise my eyebrow, ‘You just have to make time.’

For some reason, the merged picture seems to have got her energy and emotions dancing on her skin. She flashes her arms around, trying to prove her point, ‘And why would I want to do that?’

Just Checking


The words were barely a whisper, almost nullified by the cold winds blowing so harshly on such a day. He gulped.

‘Long time.’ He tried again with all his might. This time at least, the words formed well. Elijah, standing in front of him, smiled slightly.

‘Why don’t you have a seat?’ Elijah replied, ‘Your coffee’s still hot.’

Rhett closed his eyes inwardly, focusing on the voice. He hadn’t heard it for so long. It had been so long. Despite everything telling him not to take up the offer, Rhett sat opposite to the man who he’d run away from, for almost three months.

Break time

He decided to just take a break and sit for a while.

Staring into nothingness.

‘What’s up?’

A friend of his walked into the abandoned classroom, a bag slung over his shoulder.

He shook his head.

‘My slide is terrible,’ he replied after a while, ‘Taking a break from staring at nothing into the microscope.’

Friendly Reunion

A short girl was in front of him. He’d been so busy lately with all his experiments that he hadn’t realized that this girl was also very well alive, a part of his past… and now present?

The conversation consisted of mostly small talk… but something had caught his attention.

‘That’s nice,’ he asked anyways, trying to continue the conversation, ‘so you’re still talking to him?’

‘Well, we broke up a long time ago,’ she replied cautiously, ‘but we’re still in contact. At least maintaining those streaks on SnapChat.’


Year 1856

‘You’ve got to come,’ Bigo had stated in his mail, ‘my business may as well be turned to dust without your help.’

Pasteur was not in a happy mood. He would have to travel all the way to France in the middle of his research.

Not that anyone would mind, since they already thought him a fool for this theories.

But he knew he was right.

Sleep Schedule

‘I was up till 3am yesterday.’

‘Last night?’ said another, ‘I was up till after 2am.’

The one beside him laughed, ‘Same, I was up till 1:30!’

What were they smiling over?

Love you, maa.

‘Okay, maa.’


‘Yes, I’ll do that.’

Wolfie scratched the back of his neck, forcing himself to not sigh on the phone and pay attention, or at least, act like it.

‘Okay, yeah. You’re right.’

‘mmhmm,’ he said for the nth time, looking out of the window with a kind expression on his face, ‘okay then, I’ll call tomorrow. Have a nice day.’

Owl girl

Wolfie was almost enjoying himself. He’d been standing, upturned, on his hands for almost two minutes when she’d walked in.

‘What novel have you been reading recently?’ he asked her politely, trying to change the topic into something that might interest her.

‘Can’t seem to since you borrow all the good ones just as they come in the library!’


‘You know,’ she sighs, ‘you were lucky.’

The man in front looks like he’s taken a few punches and kicks.

‘You’ll wish you’d chosen the wolves,’ she continues on.

Standing in the shadows, unreachable by the yellow light from the bulb, he watches the thirty year old man, with a beautiful trimmed beard and hair get beaten up black and blue. Frankly, it hurts him a little and he sighs.

When will this end? Just give the girl an answer already.